1. I saw my ex’s wall conversation with her current gf…

    and there’s something hurting inside.

    I thought I’ve moved on :)
    Maybe I did, but the feelings is still there.
    Maybe deep inside me I still love him but I’m just ignoring the feelings because it just can’t be.

    I left him and he deserves to be happy but this time, not with me but with some else.

    Most of the times, when I’m thinking of happy thoughts I kept on remembering him.
    It’s because he gave me many happy moments.
    He’s always making me smile.

    MEMORIES. It’s the ONLY thing that’s left.
    Only happy memories that will forever be treasured.

    He was my happiness.
    Was my best friend.
    Was my comforter.
    Was my brother.
    Was my everything.
    and was my biggest regret.

    Yes He WAS and not IS.

    WAS = PAST :/ 

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